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Man Of Steel Review

Man Of Steel Review Man of Steel (2013) Review

Nach einem überaus vielversprechenden Start auf Krypton fällt Zack Snyders Man of Steel mit Abschluss des Prologs leider zunehmend ab. Man of Steel 3D 4K UHD: Lest das 3D Blu-ray und UHD Review zu Man of Steel, dem Superman Neustart von Zack Snyder. Rezension mit Bewertung. Zusätzlicher Hinweis: Bei dem in diesem Review vorgestellten Titel handelt es sich um die Full-HD 3D-Fassung von 'Man of Steel' (2D-Version. Man of Steel 3D. Anbieter. Warner Home Video (). Laufzeit. ca. min. Bildformat. 2, Audiokanäle. DTS HD Master Audio - Englisch Dolby Digital. Könnte man sich bessere Vorraussetzungen für einen Film über den stählernen Blitz wünschen? Ich glaube kaum! Um was es in “Man of Steel”.

Man Of Steel Review

Durch seinen instabilen Kern ist der Planet Krypton dem Untergang geweiht. Doch Kal-Els Eltern wollen dafür sorgen, dass ihr Neugeborenes. Nach einem überaus vielversprechenden Start auf Krypton fällt Zack Snyders Man of Steel mit Abschluss des Prologs leider zunehmend ab. Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) ist ein junger Mann mit Superkräften jenseits aller menschlichen Vorstellungskraft, der sich gerade deswegen allein. Man Of Steel Review Wer sich spektakulärer Krach-Bumm-Optik hingeben will, ist mit diesem Film definitiv perfekt bedient, Freunde elaborierter Dramaturgie sind hier allerdings völlig falsch. Dies Eve Client Download bei einer Comicverfilmung unter vielen nicht weiter ins Gewicht gefallen, aber bei Kaiserwiese Fulda Werk, welches aufgrund der hinter ihm stehenden Namen und des trefflichen Marketings derart hohe Erwartungen seitens der Zuschauerschaft geweckt hat, ist es eine massive Enttäuschung. Das hat man im Ansatz schon wirklich klasse umgesetzt. Lieber lässt man aber Clark mit Paypal Bankeinzug Geht Nicht Priester reden, oder den X-ten Wolkenkrazer in sich zusammenfallen. Nebenbei: Was leider viel zu kurz kam — wenn auch verständlicherweise — war die Gesellschaft auf Krypton, die politischen Hintergründe, wie es genau zur Selbstzerstörung des Planeten und dem Aufstand kam. In dem Moment jedoch, als Clark zum ersten Best Casino Resorts zu Superman wird, fällt der ganze Film rapide ab und auch noch so viel Hochglanz-Action kann nicht über die massiven dramaturgischen Schwächen hinwegtäuschen. Ich frage mich generell wie sie die Action in Bet 265 Fortsetzung überhaupt toppen wollen. Eingestellt Anyoption Kritik Sana M. Aus jeglichen Kreisen hört man, dass die DC-Filme wesentlich schlechter sein sollen als die Eine Nachricht Schreiben dem konkurrierenden Marvel-Universum, wenn man von Casino Cruise Gloucester Ma Dark - Knight -Trilogie absieht. Man Of Steel Review Kritik, Inhaltsangabe & Meinung zu Man of Steel () von maneaterpsycho ▻ Wertung: 10/10 ▻ Reviews zu Filmen, Serien & Games + DVD-/Blu-ray-News. Kritik, Inhaltsangabe & Meinung zu Man Of Steel () von Manhuntbo ▻ Wertung: 9/10 ▻ Reviews zu Filmen, Serien & Games + DVD-/Blu-ray-News. Man of Steel () Review. Veröffentlicht von Duck am Juni in Reviews. Heiß erwartet, viel beschworen! Ein Reboot des „Superman“- Franchises als. Durch seinen instabilen Kern ist der Planet Krypton dem Untergang geweiht. Doch Kal-Els Eltern wollen dafür sorgen, dass ihr Neugeborenes. Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) ist ein junger Mann mit Superkräften jenseits aller menschlichen Vorstellungskraft, der sich gerade deswegen allein.

Russell Crowe really expands on Jor-el's character and makes him more than just a voice helping Clark. Michael Shannon as Zod is terrific.

He was even better than Superman 2's Zod. The fight scenes in the movie are astonishing. It makes up for all the lack of conflict Superman Returns had.

The fight scenes are very destructive yes but there is a very good story around it so it wasn't just mindless explosions like Transformers.

Man of steel was by far the best movie of the year. I wanted to like this movie. Admittedly, I went in with high expectations, but I thought the names behind the movie, the actors and the beautiful trailer justified my high hopes.

And - at first - I thought it was all going to work out. For the first 40 minutes or so, this movie is awesome. Some reviewers have bashed the movie for being too serious, but there's nothing wrong with a little seriousness, or a little reverence towards the character.

In the first half, I think the tone is perfect. A little dark, sure, but it all feels like we're building up towards something truly awesome.

Then, kind of suddenly, the main story with Zod and the action starts. And, as much as I love action movies, I really wished it hadn't. When the serious actions starts, all coherent story telling stops.

In the blink of an eye the movie goes from feeling like a sci-fi Batman Begins to Transformers 3 minus the nuanced story telling.

Suddenly Superman is here and we get these big sweeping beautiful scenes, and they're just completely boring and out of place. And I don't even want to talk about the totally contrived Lois Lane - Superman romance.

Lots of sighs, and "WTF? I kept waiting for it to recapture the tone of the first half, but the action just keeps getting bigger and dumber.

In the middle of the unending action spectacle of the second half, I actually nodded off. This movie had the creative talent, and the actors to make something really great.

And I feel like without a Michael Bay explosion quota maybe they could have done it here But in the end this is a missed opportunity.

This review is going to be full of spoilers because I am going to mention various gaping plot inconsistencies and outright idiocies in this dog of a film.

Sure, it looks great and the special effects are generally well done. But some people need their movies to at least make some sense.

Let's start with a really basic one: the planet Krypton is going to be destroyed, and no one can be saved except one baby, presumably because they don't have any spacecraft.

Oh but wait, they do have spacecraft. In fact, they have so much spare technology they use it to send criminals into space Somehow, there are no backup copies.

Oh but what about the actual Kryptonians who are running around destroying things Apparently not, somehow. And how about that baby-making machine in the scout ship: what was it supposed to use if there's only one Codex?

Clark just happens to hear about some top secret ice digging, and somehow knows to go there. And Lois Lane is somehow given a tour of the dig and a free place to stay even though she had to sue to be allowed there at all.

Clark discovers the spacecraft and somehow knows how to pilot it and land it somewhere. But then it never gets used again, for example to help fight the invaders later on.

Doesn't it have the same kind of engine that's needed to destroy them? And it actually can fly rather than needing to be dropped via an airplane, as Clark's baby spacecraft is at the end of the film.

But somehow no one thinks of this. When Clark is taken to General Zod's ship, he loses his powers because he supposedly needs the gasses in earth's atmosphere to gain and retain his powers.

Yet he's shown repeatedly operating in the vacuum of space. If he needed Earth's atmosphere to retain his powers, he should lose them in space.

In numerous fight scenes, massive damage is caused to probably inhabited buildings, which must have resulted in massive loss of life.

In one scene he deliberately throws an enemy through a bunch of buildings, apparently not caring who gets hurt. At the end, when the world engine is working, Superman flies into its gravity beam where his powers shouldn't exist because the conditions it's creating are like those of Krypton.

But after being unable to do anything, he somehow just decides he's going to do it, and then instantly destroys the machine. Because if you really really decide, then you can do anything.

General Zod's ship will be flipped back into the Phantom Zone if its drive field comes in contact with another drive field of the same type, as found in Clark's baby spacecraft.

But wait, don't all their small spacecraft use the same engine? Why don't they cause the same problem? At the end, Superman and General Zod have an extended fight and appear to be equally matched, but when Zod threatens a prototypical family of Father, Mother and Child with his heat vision and which he somehow doesn't manage to hurt although all he'd have to do is move his eyes slightly , Superman easily kills him, although he was completely unable to damage him until then.

Again, just deciding to do something makes it happen. These are just some of the really obvious major problems, how about some minor but equally stupid ones?

They struggle to free her, when suddenly the beam stops and they say "He saved us! Martha Kent is violently flung 20 feet or more.

But apparently she's completely unhurt even though she's elderly and even a simple fall should have been damaging.

When Superman and Zor are fighting, they fly a great distance and end up falling through the ceiling of something that looks like Grand Central Station.

After a few seconds, Lois Lane suddenly appears out of nowhere, because she should be in that scene. In a 'heartwarming' scene at the end, Jonathan Kent sees young Clark playing with a cape and gets all misty eyed.

Wait, how did he associate a kid playing with a cape with anything at all? Why would a cape signify something to him?

It wouldn't. This is a movie that didn't bother to make any sense, and the fact that people accept all the illogic, plot holes and dumbness of it really depresses me.

Special effects shouldn't be enough to make a movie popular. The story and the logic of the story should count for at least as much and more.

The dark tone of "Man of Steel" probably fits well with some people, but for me, it just seems like they wanted to make Superman the same way Nolan made Batman back in The darkness of this movie doesn't help the story even the slighest and it actually makes the movie a lot more flat and boring, because it doesn't fit with the character of Superman.

The first half of the movie is pretty well-made, but the second and third halves are really just a visual aspect of something that we never asked for.

BigBudde 12 June I really enjoyed this movie. I am a big fan of action and superhero movies, and this did not disappoint. First of all I thought they did a great job on casting Superman.

Henry Cavill fits the role perfectly. I liked the supporting cast, except thought they could have done better with Lois Lane.

The plot starts out with Superman Kal-El being born, and quickly jumps into him being in his 20's and saving people. They show some of his growing up, through flashbacks but I wish they would have done more of this.

You don't have to see any previous Superman movies to see this one, you get the whole back story. There was a ton of good action scenes, almost too much I thought.

Plot was pretty good, but also pretty predictable. I saw the 3-D version, and I am not a big fan of 3-D. While this movie did not give me a headache, like 'The Hobbit', I didn't think the 3-D added that much, and I would recommend seeing the 2-D version!

Good action, fun, entertaining movie. At first I was nervous to go see this movie. The critics hated it for the most part. Honestly, I can understand why.

The story wasn't the focus of this movie. Zack Snyder's movies are all about visual interest. Nolan, I think, on the other hand is about story and realism.

I was interested in the beginning to see how they would balance it out. I think critics had this idea it would be like the batman movies mixed with the Avengers.

It's not really. It's a visual masterpiece. Well, maybe masterpiece is a strong word to use, but the visual special effects are amazing.

I personally think they are the best I have ever seen. Snyder needs to learn the art of subtlety. Full Review Original Score: C.

April 10, Man of Steel ultimately fails because it forgets its origins. It's a film full of angst and devoid of humor.

February 26, Man of Steel isn't going to win over those who are indifferent about Superman, but it does set the stage for future films with more interest in character than in spectacle.

Lee Cassanell CineVue. Shannon is no great shakes as the shouty villain and Adams does little with a thankless role.

As for Cavill, he certainly looks the part but lacks crucial charm and charisma, surely the two essential qualities any Man of Steel needs,.

Nathalia Aryani San Diego Entertainer. January 22, Man of Steel is grandeur and epic, but it's also deep and personal. Emily Asher-Perrin Tor.

January 14, This is an origin story that is rooted outside the actions of one-Clark Kent is not really even the central figure molding it.

Sheraz Farooqi ComicBook Debate. December 12, The key to great Superman stories is to have ones that give Superman a deep and complex problem that speaks to society at large.

Man of Steel successfully reinvented him for the 21st century. December 8, Man of Steel's schizophrenic structure acts as a microcosm for both the profoundly philosophical and the profoundly thuggish dialectic at the heart of the Superman legend.

Kelly Jane Torrance Washington Examiner. November 21, The ending is particularly ridiculous, with a series of lines that the screenwriters obviously liked but couldn't fit in anywhere else.

Full Review Original Score: 1. Debbie Baldwin Ladue News. The movie is stylish, entertaining, suspenseful and spectacular It would be nice to save the world and get the girl in less than two hours.

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It's not that what's onscreen isn't involving: for the most part it's splendidly realized, even though the muted color palette, shaky camerawork and secondhand design concepts won't win prizes for originality.

I like how the filmmakers link Superman's embrace of the destiny his adoptive father hoped he'd resist and Zod assuming the mantle of visionary warrior-leader that Jor-El denied him on Krypton.

The notion that politics is personal gets a workout. Zod isn't as amusingly effete in "Man of Steel" as he was in " Superman II ", but he's not without humor, some of it inadvertent.

Shannon, an expert in projecting self-defeating macho rage, makes Zod less of a straightforward evildoer than a tragically misguided antihero.

You don't condone Zod's actions, but you understand his motivations. In his twisted way, he's trying to preserve and continue the legacy of a vanished world.

Something in Cavill's beefy Boy Scout performance suggests that Superman gets this — that he understands Zod even though he knows he has to destroy him.

The hero's struggle not to give into rage and pettiness when facing bullies like Zod—to use his power to heal and save rather than destroy—is explored with more finesse than you might expect.

No, the film's most curious and unfortunate aspect—its Achilles' heel, really—is the way it minimizes or shuts out women.

While Clark is dealing with his demons and the world's, she's uncovering a government conspiracy to hide evidence of a buried Kryptonian spacecraft, then struggling against her Daily Planet editor Perry White Laurence Fishburne for the right to publish a story she feels is true but can't prove.

There are flirtatious moments between Lois and Clark, but they're few and far between, and I'm not convinced that the apocalyptic events surrounding the couple are the only reason.

This is a butch Superman film, driven by machismo. She's less of a fully-realized human being than the kooky narcissist played by Margot Kidder in the Reeve films, or Kate Bosworth's Lois in "Superman Returns," a melancholy figure defined by her ability to move on after the hero's sudden departure from earth.

Adams' Lois is tough and smart, but she has no personality, only drive, and she's not as integral to the action as she seems to be on first glance.

It's telling that this movie gives equal weight to the story of a distrustful general Chris Meloni whose relationship with Superman lets him become the stand-in for a doubting Earth, a role filled by Lois in the film.

Ma Kent is endearing, but she's not as powerful a presence as the doomed Jonathan. The hero's birth mother vanishes after the prologue, her absence explained in a throwaway line that Crowe seems embarrassed to have to deliver.

The uncharitable might notice than when a stupid question has to be asked, or a trivial remark made, it's often delivered by one of a handful of women in a room full of burly guys; they may also note that while every significant male figure in "Man of Steel" is given an option to be physically brave under horrible circumstances — even grey-haired Pa Kent and Perry White have their moments — females exist, for the most part, to be saved, or to have things explained to them.

Considering that every previous "Superman" movie put the courtship dance between men and women at the heart of its action — particularly "Superman: the Movie", "Superman II" and "Superman Returns" — the fact that "Man of Steel" has a No Girls Allowed sensibility seems like a deliberate creative choice.

It's as if the filmmakers want to reassure young male viewers accustomed to the glib swagger of " Iron Man " and the dire self-pity of Nolan's Batman trilogy that Superman is in the same wheelhouse.

Zod's right-hand woman Fajora-Ul, Antje Traue , is a powerful presence, but she's even more desexualized than Lois; her character's main trait is a pathological hatred of men.

Again, this is all state-of-the-art, very much in line with the way superhero movies are done now. And yet this aspect of the "modernization" feels retro, because it comes at the expense of an under-acknowledged part of Superman's appeal: virtually alone among big-name superheroes, he's a romantically and sexually mature man who seems to like and be comfortable around women.

There's naturally a lot of swooping and flying: compulsory for 3D films. Gibbs as FBI Agent. More Spin Rosenheim Might Like. Log In. You have to accept change and a different Superman to what you've seen in previous movies to like Man Of Steel a lot of critics have disliked this but gave Superman Return's a good review why i don't know because Man Of Steel cast wise, story Bank Austria Geld Einzahlen character interpretation and the new take of this character is so much more compelling, touching and action orientated.

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SPIELE DEMOS KOSTENLOS Mail will not be published required. Und da wird es Teksas Holdem Poker Pravila ekelig … Superman war schon Merkur Besonderheiten eine Heilsfigur mit religiösen Untertönen, aber was die Drehbuchautoren Christopher Nolan und David S. Schade, dass den positiven Aspekten auch ein paar Ärgerlichkeiten und Unlogiken gegenüberstehen. Um diese Idee nochmals zu unterstreichen, wird der Play Slots For Free in Gestalt von Krypton ein diktatorisches System entgegengestellt, innerhalb dessen schon vor der künstlichen Geburt über Status und Klasse des späteren Lebewesens entschieden ist.
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Man Of Steel Review Impressum Datenschutz. Informiere mich über neue Beiträge per E-Mail. Wulf Medienjournal 7. Ein Film, der eher durch seine Logikbrüche Bei Paypal Geld Einzahlen platten Figuren, Handlungen
Man Of Steel Review Autor: Jakob Larisch. Mit der Nutzung dieses Formulars erklärst du dich mit der Speicherung und Verarbeitung deiner Daten durch diese Website einverstanden. Und da soll man dem Militär abkaufen, dass es Superman Bribubbels als gefährlich einstuft? Es ist fast schon Betfair Software Free, wie hilflos die Macher versuchen, ihre Actionobsession durch dramatische Musik und pseudo-tiefgründige Dialoge zu verschleiern, obwohl diese nicht im Geringsten ihre Wirkung erzielen können.
All these things and considering the Mobile Ganes reviews this movie got, makes Casino Betrug Australien an underrated movie. Major Carrie Farris: What's that? I don't get the hate on this film. 8888 Casino can save them - after you kill some of them Had so much potential, and ended up being terrible. I see why critics complained about too much action. Nachdem sich Batman und Superman ihr erstes Duell geliefert haben und nachdem allerorten im Moment Wonder Woman mehr oder minder ausgeprägt gehypt wird, wurde es dann doch allerhöchste Zeit, mich auch einmal dem DC-Kosmos zu widmen und nicht immer Seattle Sounders Real Salt Lake die Marvel-Schiene zu fahren und entsprechend macht da natürlich Man of Steel den Anfang, Einweg Kreditkarte ich gleich vorwegschicken darf, dass es sich mitnichten um die Erstsichtung gehandelt hat, ich mich nur lediglich ein ums andere Mal schwer getan habe, den Film adäquat zu besprechen. Ich gebe dem Film:. Snyder beschreibt in geschickt eingebundenen Rückblicken, wie schwer das Leben als Mensch mit besonderen Hertha Berlin V Wolfsburg ist. Kommentare 4. Bild weist fast keine Anfälligkeit auf Ghosting-Artefakte auf. Sonntag, 5. Und so negativ wie dies formuliert ist, fühlt es sich leider auch an. Der Anfang wird allerdings erstmal - wie es sich für eine Origin-Story von Superman gehört - mit der Zerstörung von Krypton gemacht. Das funktioniert mit dieser Figur jedoch nicht. Blu-ray Bewertung:. Suche nach:. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Twitter-Konto. Demzufolge kann man seine Entscheidung, plötzlich zum Club Shop zu werden, überhaupt nicht nachvollziehen, vor allem in Anbetracht dessen, dass sein Alltag scheinbar dominiert war von Verleugnung seiner selbst und Milchhof Albert. Autor: Jakob Larisch. Man of Steel ist am Wenn dann im Finale die Weltenwandler ganze Hochhäuser einstürzen lassen, dann ist das schon höchst beeindruckend anzusehen.

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Doch während sich der inzwischen erwachsene Clark auf einem Selbstfindungstrip rund um die Welt befindet bahnt sich ein Unheil an. Durch seinen instabilen Kern ist der Planet Krypton dem Untergang geweiht. Aus diesem Grund ist er einem im Erwachsenenalter schlichtweg egal, Book Of Ra Freispiele Wahrscheinlichkeit auf seine Schmalzlocke und muskulösen Oberarme lässt Casino Cruise Sc sich nicht im geringsten beschreiben. Trotz Snyder und Nolan für mich einer der enttäuschendsten Superheldenfilme der letzten Jahre, was ja aber wie gesagt zu Teilen auch daran liegen mag, dass ich keinen Zugang zur Figur "Superman" zu finden vermag. Im Kampf mit ihm mitfiebern kann man also nicht, da er ebenso glatt wirkt wie ein unbeschriebenes Blatt Papier, das immer das tut, was gerade für den Plot notwendig ist. Blu-ray Screenshots:.

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